Twobit is a software company based in Borås, Sweden. We develop IT solutions for businesses – saving them time and money. Also, Twobit brings its own games and applications directly to end customers.

Who we are

Twobit was founded in 2009, Borås, Sweden. We are a young bunch, burning for what our solutions and innovations might bring businesses and customers. We believe in actively participating in the community around us. We aim to always be open regarding our inner workings, products and thoughts on software. So be sure to join us on Facebook or follow us on twitter!

We are also passionate about a modern concept we bring to the market – a lightweight organization.

What we do


We help companies with software development.

Want to know more? Check out our services section for more information.


We also develop our own products, and sometime this year we reach the end customer directly and publicly with new and exciting products!

So, why us?

We strive for innovation in software and solution, but to be innovative you have to stay innovative. One of our innovations is our organization: We keep it simple. We keep it lightweight. We are not bogged down by administrative or organizational issues when you have a request, question, suggestion or just want to talk. The chain of command is short and flexible.

This lightweight organization makes us faster. Things take less time and less manpower – which evidently makes our rates extremely competitive.

We are innovative, dedicated, and modernare you?

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